Denken viel - Sagen nichts
Denken viel - Sagen nichts

I'm Chiara, 15 and from Germany.

Two months later
I can’t decide if you’re the best
Thing that happened to me or
The worst?

I want to be back in your arms but
I don’t want you to touch my skin

I want to kiss you with my eyes but
I don’t want to see your face ever again

I want you to call me at 1am again but
I don’t want to hear your voice

- two months later (via smohkei)

(via trippin-to-wonderland)


Me and the girl after being apart for a month. No D in this pic as requested. 



Voicemail at the end of never alone by The Amity Affliction

this just makes me sad.

I always skip this bit, I can hardly listen to it

my blog will make you horny ;)

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